How To Braid Two Strand Twists With Hair Extensions

Two Strand Thin African Hair Twists
Braided African twists that use hair extensions are also known as Senegalese twist braids or two strand twists with extensions. Braiding twists entails putting a folded regular hair extension strand onto the center of two small sections of hair, then twisting each folded half of the hair extension piece together with each of the two small sections of hair. If you would like an elegant look that is extremely easy to do try braiding two strand micro twists like those shown on the photo on the left. Please click on the photo to view a larger image.


How To Do A Two Strand Twist With Extensions Video

The video above shows how you can braid micro twists using hair extensions. The technique shown in the video can also be used to plait thicker two strand twist braids.

Prior To Braiding Twist Braids With Hair Extensions, Is There Any Treatment That Is Required?

Shampoo and condition your hair with warm water. Apply treatment if you have a perm. Dry your hair with a towel then blow dry your hair until it is dry. Oil and massage the scalp and the natural hair with TCB hair food evenly.

Are There Any Tools, Extensions Or Accessories That Are Required To Braid Two Strand Twists Using Hair Extensions?

Normally, about three packages of synthetic hair extensions are used to create twist braids although you could use hot water braids. Synthetic hair extensions come in a wide array of colors. The common colors are black, brown, gold, white, blue and red. You will also need a wooden toothed comb, scissors, a candle and matches (optional), hair food like TCB’s hair food and optional side combs to help keep hair or braids away from the area you are working on.

Do You Need A Lubricant To Make Your Fingers ‘Sticky’ So As To Braid A Two Strand Twist?

You will be able to braid faster if your fingertips constantly have a dab of hair food on them. Protruding hair ends of a finished braid strand will also lie flat if you oil your fingers as you braid.

What Are The Common Ways Of Finishing The Ends Of A Two Strand Twist With Extensions?

The most common way of finishing the ends of thin or medium sized twists braids is by dipping them in hot water. Use a container like a jug to dip a few braid ends at a time. Dry the braids thoroughly with a clean dry towel after dipping them in hot water.

You can also tie a knot at the end of the braid or you could use a lit candle to burn the ends of the braided hair extensions. If you bought hot water hair extensions, you can dip the ends of the braided hair extensions in hot water to give the braids a stylish curly look.

You may decorate the braids with beads or shells, by putting them on the braids before tying a knot or before you burn the ends with a lit candle.

How Many Ways Can Twist Braids Be Removed?

If there are no knots at the braid strand ends, the easiest way to undo twists is to pull and twirl the braids in an anti clockwise manner.

If you had burnt or tied a knot at the braid end, cut it out using scissors then pull and twist the braid strand in an anti clockwise manner.

What Are The Advantages Of Braiding Twists With Hair Extensions?

African hair twists with hair extensions are easy to wash and style.

Twist braids are also very popular since they require minimal daily maintenance.

What Are The Disadvantages Or Challenges Of Twist Braids?

If you braid twists with natural hair and regular hair extensions too tightly, you may break the hair and cause the natural hair to have split ends.

Are Twist Braids Plaited With Short Hair Any Different From Braiding Long Hair?

It is easier to braid twists on longer natural hair. It is also faster to braid twists when you have longer hair. You cannot braid twists on extremely short hair as some natural hair has to be combined with a hair extension piece for braiding to begin.

How Many Different Thicknesses Or Types Of Twist Braids With Hair Extensions Are There?

There are generally 3 types of twist braids with regular hair extensions: thin (micro twist braids), medium and thick.

If you would like to plait micro twist braids, then the amount of regular hair extensions that you remove from the package should have the same thickness as combining 1-3 strands of knitting wool. If you would prefer medium twists, then the regular hair extensions should have the same thickness as combining 5-7 strands of knitting wool. Lastly, if you desire thick twists, then the hair extensions should have the same thickness as combining 9 or more strands of knitting wool.

How Long Do The Different Thicknesses Of Twist Braids With Hair Extensions Take To Braid?

Thin two strand twists with extensions can take four hours to braid. Medium and thick twist braids can take three and two hours respectively to braid. The amount of time it takes to braid the twist braids really depends on your experience and skill.

On Average, How Long Do The Different Thicknesses Or Types Of Twist Braids With Regular Hair Extensions Last Before Becoming Messy And Untidy?

With proper and regular maintenance, medium and micro twist braids may take between two to three months before they begin showing signs of untidiness. Whereas thick twist braids may begin to show signs of untidiness within one to two months.

What Is Required To Maintain Tidy Twist Braids?

Regular moisturizing of the scalp with hair food or oil that contains eucalyptus will moisturize both the hair and scalp. Prior to sleeping, you should tie your braids together in a bun preferably under a hair net, keeping the braids neatly in place.

What Happens When Two Strand Twist Braids Get Soaked In Water?

The braids can become loose and may begin to unravel if they are wet for sustained period of time. Always quickly dry the braids as soon as possible with a towel. Remove the dampness that will be present within the braids by blow drying them using low power. Apply braid spray to moisturize the braids. Always wear a shower cap before you take a shower.

How Are Dirty Twist Braids Cleaned?

To clean your scalp while avoiding the tendency for the braids to become loose and look messy, you may dab a cotton ball in a mineral oil then carefully blot the area that has dirt or grime.

What Happens When Two Strand Twist Braids Are Braided Improperly?

They tend to become loose and unravel leading to a messy and untidy hairdo.

Can You Describe In Words What The Common Twist Hairstyles Are?

Twist braids hairstyles include: dread hair twist or curly hair twist at the ends. They can also be tied in a twist bun hairstyle or left in a long twist braid. Other hair styles include fluffy twists or ponytail twist.

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