How To Do A Hair Twist With String. African Two String Twist

African Hair Twists. Two String Twists.

Braiding hair twists with string entails combining equal lengths of four ply acrylic wool forming a thick strand. Then folding the thick strand in half and placing it in the middle of two small sections of hair. Finally, one half of the thick strand of acrylic wool is twisted with one small section of hair. The common colors of acrylic thread used include black, brown, gold, white, red, pink and blue. Hair twists with woolen string are also known as African two string twists.

How To Braid African Two String Twists – Video

What action should you take prior to braiding hair twists with string?

Begin by shampooing your hair with warm water. Dry your hair with a towel then use a blow dryer set to low power to remove any lingering dampness. Oil and massage your scalp. If you have a perm, ensure that you apply treatment especially if you have thin African American hair.

Are there any tools, extensions or accessories that are required to braid hair twists with string?

Before you begin hair braiding with string, the basic items you need to get are at least three packages of four ply acrylic woolen thread, a comb, TCB hair food, a candle, a matchbox, a hair clip and a hair band to hold the completed braids in place. You will also require an object like a hook that has been screwed into a wall or a flat door handle which has already been installed on a door that will assist you with measuring out equal lengths of the acrylic woolen string.

Do you need any oil or lubricant to make it easier to braid the hair twists?

No lubricant is required.

What are the common ways of finishing the ends of braided twists with thread?

Traditionally, the ends of braided hair twists with string are finished by burning them with a lit candle.

Another way of finishing the threaded braid twist ends is by tying a small knot then cutting off any excess thread with a pair of scissors.

WARNING: Please exercise caution when burning the braided hair twist ends with a naked flame.

You can decorate the hair twists with beads or shells by putting them on the braids before tying a knot or before you burn the ends with a lit candle.

What is the easiest way of removing the twist braids?

The easiest way of removing the twisted hair braid is to cut off the knot or the burnt end with a pair of scissors. Then pull and simultaneously twist the threaded braid in an anti clockwise manner.

What are the advantages of braiding hair twists with string?
  1. Braided hair twists with string are neat and tidy appearance.
  2. Completing a whole head while hair braiding with string takes relatively short period of time.
  3. They are extremely easy to undo.
  4. The acrylic wool is easily available and cheap to buy.
  5. Hair twists with string will not shrink over time.
  6. They require minimal daily maintenance and they can last for months before beginning to showing signs of untidiness.
What are the disadvantages or challenges of braiding hair twists with thread?
  1. The acrylic woolen thread of braided twists cannot be reused once they have been removed from your head.
  2. The threaded braids may feel heavy on the head.
  3. If buy low quality colored (that is, non black or white) synthetic woolen thread, the braids can run and spoil your clothing.
Is braiding twists with thread on short hair any different from braiding long hair?

You cannot plait twist braids with thread if your hair is very short. If your hair is less than an inch long it is very difficult to combine and twist your natural hair with the acrylic thread.

How many different thicknesses or types of hair twists with string are there?

There are 3 common thicknesses for braiding twists with thread: thin, medium and thick.

To braid thin hair twists with string, combine (3) three to (5) five strings of acrylic woolen thread. To get medium size braids, combine seven (7) to (9) nine strings of thread. Whereas for thick braids, combine eleven (11) or more strands of acrylic woolen thread.

How long do the different thicknesses of threaded twist braids take to braid?

If you have braided twist braids with thread a number of times in the past then thin threaded twist braids could take up to four hours to braid. Medium and thick twist braids could take three and two hours to braid respectively.

On average, how long do the different thicknesses or types of African two string twists last before becoming messy and untidy?

With proper and regular maintenance, all sizes of threaded twist braids may take between two to three months before they begin showing signs of untidiness. This is because the thread holds the hair firmly in place.

What is required to maintain tidy twist braids with thread?

Regular moisturizing of the scalp with braid spray or a light oil that contains neem, eucalyptus and tea tree will nourish both the hair and scalp, keeping it healthy and fresh with a non-itchy feeling. You should spray the braids with an oil sheen while holding the braids together in a hair band at the back. Also, before retiring to bed, you should tie your braids together in a bun preferably under a hair net. This shall help keep the braids in place and neatly.

What happens when African two string twists get soaked in water?

If threaded twist braids get soaked in water they become heavy. The weight of the soaked braids can cause your hair to break. The thread color could run and drip if you bought low quality acrylic wool. It is advisable to wear a shower cap before you take a shower.

How does one clean dirty hair twists with string?

To prevent the braids becoming loose and looking messy while you clean your scalp, dab a cotton ball in a mineral oil and gently remove the dirt or grime. However, if the whole head is dirty, it would be best to remove the braids as you cannot wash the braids.

What happens when twist braids with thread are braided improperly?

Improperly braided hair twist braids tend to become loose and unravel quickly resulting in messy and untidy braids.

Braiding too tightly may cause pain. Sores may also develop on the scalp leading to damage to the hairline.

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