How To Hair Wrap With Hair Extensions

Hair Wraps With Hair Extensions

Braiding hair wraps with hair extensions generally involves taking a slightly folded hair extension strand and wrapping the strand in a coil like manner around a section of hair. The regular hair extensions normally used are synthetic. The hair extensions used to braid African hair wraps come in colors such as black, white, pink, red, brown and gold.

How To Do Hair Wraps Using Hair Extensions – Video

Is there any treatment that is required prior to commencing hair wrapping?

Wash your hair with a good Shampoo and conditioner. Apply treatment if you have a perm. Treatment is applied to relaxed hair to prevent it from breaking. Gently blow dry and comb out your hair. Oil and massage the scalp and natural hair with a quality hair food.

What are the tools, extensions or accessories that are required to hair wrap with hair extensions?

The tools required are a comb, braid spray, 3 or more packets of quality synthetic hair extensions and a good hair food like TCB hair food. You will also require a candle and matches if you wish to burn the ends of the finished braids.

Do you need a lubricant like hair food to make your fingers ‘sticky’ so as to braid them?

Dabbing some oil on your fingers helps make protruding hair extension filaments along the wrapped strand lie flat. Oiling your fingers also reduces uncomfortable friction that may arise as you braid. Use a good lubricant such as TCB hair food or as a last resort, apply Vaseline.

What are the common ways of finishing the ends of hair wraps that use hair extensions?

The normal way of finishing the braided ends of wrapped hair extensions is to tie a small knot to ensure that the braids don’t unravel as you burn the tips using a lit candle.

If you are squeamish about using a naked flame, just cut off the excess hair extensions after you have tied a knot. You can also opt to use hot water braid extensions. Dip the ends of the braided hot water hair extensions in a container that has hot water after tying a knot to give the braids a stylish curly look.

How can one remove wrapped hair extensions?

Using scissors, cut off the ends of the hair extensions after you have determined the length of your natural hair, then using a single toothed comb, undo the remainder of the braid to the hair root as you tug on the braid end. Otherwise you can opt to undo the entire braid from the ends to the hair root without cutting off the ends of the hair extension.

What are the advantages of hair wraps that use hair extensions?
  1. Hair wraps that use hair extensions are easy to braid.
  2. The texture of the hair wraps shines.
  3. Hair wraps done using hair extensions are easy to undo.
  4. Finally, the hair wraps do not feel heavy on the head.
What are the disadvantages or challenges of doing hair wraps using extensions?
  1. If the hair wrap is not done firmly initially, it will easily unravel.
  2. The hair extensions are normally not reusable.
  3. If you wrap the hair extension too tightly, the braids will be exceedingly uneven and bent.
Is braiding wrapped hair extension braids on short hair any different from braiding long hair?

It takes a longer time to wrap hair extensions around short hair. It may also be impossible to braid extremely short hair as the hair extension requires at least some hair to for wrapping to begin.

How many different thicknesses or types of wrapped hair extension braids are there?

There are 3 types of hair wraps which depend on how thick they are. You can have thin, medium and thick wrapped hair with hair extensions. Thinly wrapped regular extensions require 2-3 hair extension packages. Medium and thick wrapped regular extensions require at least 3 hair extension packages.

In general, the hair extensions for thinly wrapped braids should have the approximate thickness as 1-3 combined strands of four ply knitting wool.

For medium wrapped braids, the regular extensions should be as thick as 6 combined strands of four ply knitting wool.

For thick wrapped braids, the regular extensions should be as thick as 9 combined strands of four ply knitting wool.

Are there any differences in braiding the different thicknesses of wrapped hair extensions?

A tighter grip is used when braiding thicker wrapped braids as compared to braiding thinner wrapped braids.

How long do the different thicknesses of wrapped hair extension braids take to braid?

Depending on your skill level, thinly wrapped braids can take about four hours to braid. Medium hair wraps can take three hours and thick hair wraps may take two hours to braid.

How long do the different thicknesses or types of wrapped hair extension braids last before becoming messy and untidy?

With proper and regular maintenance, thin hair wraps may take three months before they begin showing signs of untidiness. Whereas medium size hair wraps may take two months and thick wrapped braids may start becoming unsightly within four to six weeks.

What is required to maintain tidy wrapped hair extensions?
  1. Avoid pulling the hair extensions, and also avoid changing the hairstyle often.
  2. Regularly moisturizing the scalp with braid spray or a sheen that contains eucalyptus will leave the scalp feeling replenished.
  3. Prior to retiring to bed, tie your hair wraps together in a bun under a hair net, this keeps them neatly in place.
What happens when the hair wraps get soaked in water?

If the hair wraps are slightly wet, you could dry them out using a towel then apply braid spray. However, there is a good chance that the braids may begin smelling especially if they were drenched in water. If the hair wraps start smelling, or if they get soaked in water, use a good shampoo and conditioner along with warm water to wash them. Use a towel and a blow dryer to dry them. Apply braid spray to moisturize the dry scalp and hair wraps.

How does someone clean dirty wrapped hair extensions?

Apply some mineral oil on cotton wool then gently clean out the dirty area.

What happens when hair wrapped with hair extensions are braided improperly?

If hair wraps are braided improperly, they will look messy and untidy because they tend to become loose and unravel.

Can you describe the ways in which wrapped hair extensions can be braided improperly?
  1. If the hair extension is not tightly wound around the natural hair, the braids will begin to quickly unravel.
  2. If the hair extensions are wrapped too tightly, the braids will appear unnaturally crooked.
  3. If the wraps are not close together you will be able to catch random glimpses of natural hair which will make the braids look untidy.

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