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Picture Of A Short Sew In Weave For African Americans

Hair weaves are a big part of African hair braiding. Braiding a hair weave normally entails attaching a hair weave or weft onto your own natural hair by sewing it atop cornrows using a needle and acrylic woolen thread. There are other ways of braiding with weaves, but braiding cornrows first is the traditional way of braiding a long lasting weave. It is quick and easy to learn how to do a weave. Watch the video below to find out how to do a hair weave the right way.

How To Weave Hair For Black Women – Video

Is there any treatment that is required prior to braiding the best weave?

As always, you should first shampoo and condition your hair with warm water. If you have a perm, apply treatment especially if you have thin African American hair. Switch your blow dryer’s setting to low then slowly blow dry your hair. Comb out any tangles by using a wooden toothed comb. You should also oil and lightly massage your scalp using a good hair food prior to braiding cornrow lines and weaving.

Are there any special tools or accessories that are required to braid hair weaves?

To start your how to sew in a weave journey, you will need at least 2 packets of hair weave extensions for a whole head weave and at least one packet for half the head. You will also need acrylic wool, a needle, a pair of scissors, a comb or weave brush and hair clips to keep the weave in place. Try and match the color of the acrylic wool to the color of the hair weave wefts. So if you have a black weave get black acrylic wool.

There are different types of hair weave extensions that can be used to create different looks. The hair weave weft can be curly, straight or wavy, short, medium or long in length.

Do you need hair food or oil like Vaseline so as to make braiding cornrows and sew in hair weave easier?

No oil or lubricant is needed to braid the cornrows or to attach the weave wefts.

What are the common ways of finishing a hair weave?

After finishing braiding cornrows, the loose cornrow ends will need to be tucked in and hidden. Ensure that the hidden cornrow ends stay hidden by sewing them against cornrows that are running along the scalp using a needle and black acrylic thread.

After placing a hair weave weft atop the cornrows, finish the weave by sewing black acrylic thread along the top of the weft. Tie a knot and cut off any excess thread and any piece of the weave weft that is not sewn in.

How many ways can a hair weave be removed?

There is only method of removing the hair weave weft. You will need to use a razor blade or a similar tool to cut the threads that have bound the hair weave extension to the natural hair. This must be done very carefully to avoid cutting one’s natural hair. It is easier to cut along one line of sewn in acrylic wool at a time while pulling the thread’s end.

You will also need to use a single toothed comb to undo the cornrow braids.

What are the advantages of sewing in a hair weave?

You can weave a whole head in a very short period of time. Cutting and removing the sewn in thread takes minutes. Hair weaves are very popular since they require minimal daily maintenance and they can last for at least three months before they begin showing signs of tackiness. Weaves are unique and ideal for special occasions like weddings. Hair weaves also offer a great look for the office. The weave wefts are reusable.

What are the challenges of braiding a hair weave?

There are a number of challenges that arise when you are learning how to sew in a weave. If the African hair weave is done improperly, you tend to look older than your age. You must comb and spray oil sheen daily. The acrylic woolen thread can unravel if you fail to tie a knot on both its ends. If you decide to trim and shape a finished weave, it is easy to cut in an unbalanced and uneven way especially if it’s your first time.

Is doing cornrows then sewing in a hair weave on short hair any different from braiding long hair?

Doing cornrows then sewing in a hair weave works better on longer hair. It is quicker and easier to braid thick cornrows with longer hair. It can be very difficult to braid long lasting cornrows on hair that is less than an inch long especially if you have thin natural hair.

It is preferable to braid cornrows of medium thickness prior to attaching the hair weave wefts.

How many types of hair weave wefts are there?

You can buy packages of synthetic or human hair weave wefts that have short hair or long hair. Additionally, the weave extension can be curly, or twisted. Weave wefts also come in colors other than black.

Are there any differences in braiding short or long hair African hair weaves?

There are no differences in the way one attaches long or short hair wefts.

On average, how long does the hair weave last before becoming messy and untidy?

With proper and regular maintenance such as regular use of a moisturizer like pink lotion, a hair weave may take between three to four months before showing signs of untidiness.

How can tidy hair weaves be maintained?

Regular moisturizing of the scalp with a light oil that contains tea tree will nourish both the hair and scalp, keeping it healthy and fresh with a non-itchy feeling. Also, before retiring to bed, you should keep the hair weave under a hair net. This shall help keep it in place neatly.

Can a hair weave get damaged if it gets soaked in water?

The hair weave wefts will not get damaged. However, the cornrow braids may become loose, especially at the nape of the head and along the frontline if they are wet and damp for a long period of time. Wear a shower cap before you take a shower. However, in the case of Remy human hair, you can shampoo and condition the hair and blow dry it, applying oil on the scalp and pink lotion on the weave.

Can a dirty hair weave be cleaned?

Yes you can easily clean parts of a dirty weave. To clean your scalp while preventing the hidden cornrow braids from becoming loose, dab a cotton ball in a mineral oil and gently massage the entire scalp.

What are the consequences of braiding a hair weave improperly?

If the weave extension is not trimmed proportionately or attached tightly enough to the cornrow braids, it will become loose; the joining threads will hang out of place looking messy and untidy.

Can you describe in words what the common styles of hair weaves are?

The common weave style is flat iron.

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